I spent the last month of winter in Arizona - didn't paint. There is something almost magical about February/March in the desert. Animals come closer, the night sky is clear and there are a million stars, there is frost on everything in the morning, the mustard starts to peek through the dried grass. I brought home a million ideas, some pilfered rusty stuff and barb wire, a DPS ticket, old maps of Cape Cod and southern Georgia, and a little "shrine" my brother had on the wall of the dairy "renovation."

Should have taken a photo of the shrine (I think it is an old clock casing) before I started painting it but didn't. Anyhow, I've made it look somewhat like a mexican retablo...deep red, touches of green. And I have painted this little coca cola icon for inside - although, it doesn't fit very well and I might replace it with something else that can be stretched inside the box (canvas). What do you think?